WIR-I | Innovation management


The WIR-I innovation management ties in directly with the WIR-S1 concepts developed for this purpose, resulting in significant overlaps in the execution of the two applications. During the runtime of the WIRreFa project, concrete questions are to be answered and measures are to be implemented that provide both the consortium leadership of the C³-Association and the alliance as well as specialist departments outside the alliance and the public with a transparent transfer of the product-side, technological as well as process- and logistics-related developments of the WIRreFa project. Against the background that the needs and requirements of the market are of particular significance, it is important to provide the data and information in a way that is suitable for the user groupzustellen.

Objective 1 – Organisation: Measures to effectively and efficiently organise and manage the alliance in line with the objective of the WIRreFa project.

Objective 2 – Strategy and innovation: Measures to jointly better understand the situation of the market and competition and to be more forward-looking than institutions outside the alliance.

Objective 3 – Knowledge and technology transfer: Measures to provide project-relevant data and information within the alliance and to transfer technologies.

Objective 4 – Consolidation of the alliance: Measures to transform the alliance into a self-sustaining system after the end of the WIRreFa project.

Objective 5 – Controlling: Measures in order to be able to check, control and communicate the success of the WIRreFa project as well as individual and alliance project-related actions and results in terms of the objectives of the WIRreFa project.

Objective 6 – Networking and cooperation: Measures in order to acquire suitable partners for achieving the objectives of the WIRreFa project and to organise the individual and joint projects effectively and efficiently with regard to the content-related and formal requirements.

Objective 7 – Public relations: Measures to make the WIRreFa project and the alliance known to both experts and the general public and to increase this.

Partners involved

C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite e. V.


C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite e. V.


2022-12-01 to 2025-11-30