WE! are working together for a future-proof region

We! know how to reuse fiber composites

We know that the substitution of metals by fibre composites results in fibrous waste. Unlike conventional metals, these high-quality secondary raw materials are not yet an established part of a closed material cycle. With the establishment of an alliance for the circular and resource economy of fibre composites, the region “Elbtal Sachsen” is now facing up to these challenges.

Networking of institutions related to the value chain of fiber composites

Sustainable structural change in the region “Elbtal Sachsen”

A better circular and resource economy for fiber composites

Impulses for further research and development activities

We have the goal of increasing regional innovative capacity and creating perspectives for further growth and employment. The innovation of the recyclable fibre composite forms the cornerstone for the sustainable structural change in the region “Elbtal Sachsen”. As an impulse generator, the alliance will initiate this important change by further developing existing regional strengths. Not only the optimisation of materials, the collection and bundling of waste streams, the collection and treatment of unmixed materials, the development of new products and training concepts will take place, but rather the region “Elbtal Sachsen” will become identified with this subject relevant to the future.

We keep our value promise that the circular and resource economy for fibre composites developed in the region “Elbtal Sachsen” will strengthen the development opportunities locally by completing existing processes of the value chains and initiating new developments instead of outsourcing them from the region “Elbtal Sachsen”. This improves regional (economic) resilience and variability and creates long-term prospects for growth and employment.

Together, we have the chance to actively shape the future-proofness of the Federal Republic of Germany as a location for dealing with fibre composites.

As of 2023-01-18


partners are already part of the alliance


locations throughout region “Elbtal Sachsen”


projects that we have realised since the scheme was started


tonnes of unused potential from fibre composite plastics to be recycled

Project status


Advisory Board Meeting 2023

The alliance exchanges information. Both the approach of the future strategy and the results that have emerged from the work so far are presented. In addition, a new joint initiative on the topic of health and safety at work is to be integrated into the project WIRreFa. From September 2023 you can register at C³Academy of C³ association.


Start of the project WIR-V1.4

More information on the joint initiative “WIR-V1.4 | Separating fibre reinforcement from construction materials using electro-impulse process AMELIE” can be found under Initiatives.


Start of the project WIR-V1.5

More information on the joint initiative “WIR-V1.5 | MultiMaterialRecycling – Recycling of multi-material components for the regional recycling of construction materials using the example of carbon concrete (approval still pending)” can be found under Initiatives.

About the partnership

Be part of the alliance and join us in facing the challenges with regard to the no longer avoidable handling of fiber composites. Let us together lead the region “Elbe Valley Saxony” into an economically resilient future.