WIR-B1 | From the recycling fibre to the new product


The goal is to use the fibre qualities of recycled fibres currently available to develop approaches for products in which they can be used in the near future. In this case, the focus is to be on the hitherto insufficiently considered but promising use in the mass market of the building industry. Initial concepts and specifications for the procedures, constructions, tests etc. will be drawn up as concrete instructions for action and made available to the alliance for immediate implementation.

There is a direct reference to the project-related strategy, since one of the largest gaps in circular value creation so far is the lack of products in which today’s recycled fibres can be used sensibly and in large quantities. With the expected results, it will be possible for the first time to show how fibres from a first life cycle can serve as raw material for the next life cycle for reinforcements in the construction industry and how material cycles can be closed quickly using the example of the construction industry. The co-operations concluded and concepts created in the WIRreFa project serve as an example for other sectors and a resilient basis for immediate market-relevant implementation. With success, cross-sectoral visibility can be achieved directly, new regional institutions can be won and enthusiasm for the topic in the region “Elbtal Sachsen” can be strengthened.

In the short term, it can be verified whether the potentially promising reuse of recycled fibres in the construction industry is possible and economically and ecologically beneficial. Generally applicable recommendations can be derived from the results.

Objective 1 – Analysis, evaluation and structuring of the potentially promising reuse of the recycled fibres currently available in the construction industry, and whether this is economically and ecologically beneficial.

Objective 2 – Analysis, evaluation and structuring of the corresponding qualities and quantities of waste containing fibres in the region “Elbtal Sachsen”.

Partners involved


Johne & Groß GmbH

Technische Universität Dresden – Institut für Baubetriebswesen

Technische Universität Dresden – Institut für Massivbau


Technische Universität Dresden – Institut für Massivbau


2022-12-01 to 2024-02-29